Monday, February 15, 2010

Wedding Tip: #7

After yesterday's bridal show, I decided a good tip for today would be even more photography related than normal.

Choose a photographer with wedding experience!

I know there are many talented photographers out there, but only a portion of them have true wedding experience.  This is important because this is a one-time event for you.  In a portrait session, you can redo any photographs that aren't satisfactory and even reschedule for another date if there is a camera malfunction.  In a wedding, it has to be right the first time and they have to be prepared for absolutely anything.  They have to perform even among the most stressful of situations.  A wedding is a whole different level of photography.

So, what constitutes wedding experience?  Everyone has to have a first time, right?  Well, I recommend that they have at least been involved with weddings for awhile, whether they were an assistant or a second shooter.  Then, they at least know how things work and the flow of the day.  They've also, hopefully, seen some hectic moments that they will have to learn to handle themselves.

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