Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wedding Tip: #6

A tip for shopping for your dress: remember to try sitting in your dress.

Whether it sounds obvious or even ridiculous, I've witnessed many times where brides are not very comfortable in their dress when they're sitting, and you'll be sitting a lot more than you might think.  It's a long day and you'll want to rest whenever you can and then there's the reception which will include some sitting.

How does it go overlooked?  Well, the dress shops want to give you the princess experience so they put you up on these pedestals to make sure the dress falls really well and lets you see the full effect of the dress. It's style over function.  However, function can be a big part of a happy memory of your day.

How you feel when sitting in your dress will make a difference in your photographs as well.  First, you know well that many types of clothes look much different when you sit than when you stand.  Second, those high fashion poses are only possible if you can move and sit freely in your dress.  Finally, you don't want any "unfortunate accidents" to occur if a dress happens to react unexpectedly during your big day.

So, remember to take the full test drive when dress shopping.

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