Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wedding Tip: #3

Bridal portraits are still a good idea.

First, maybe I should tell what a bridal portrait is since they are not as in vogue as they used to be.  A bridal portrait, traditionally, is where the bride has a studio style portrait session in her dress prior to the wedding. The idea was to have a professional studio portrait in the dress and have it available for display at the wedding or reception.

While I don't discount these reasons for doing a bridal portrait, the real reasons I recommend a session today have changed along with the brides.  Brides want their wedding to be perfect and have very high expectations.  Why shouldn't they?  One way to insure a better outcome is through a bridal portrait and here's why.

The bridal session gives you a dress rehearsal at several items on your list, including flowers, hair, makeup, and the dress.  Use the session as if it were the wedding day, take a look at how everything turns out in your photographs, and make any changes you feel are necessary.  That way, when your wedding photographs are complete, you'll be happy with every detail shown.  Plus, it lets you know exactly how long it will take to get ready and if the dress requires any additional alterations.

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