Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wedding Tip: #1

In the coming weeks, we'll be offering tips for weddings as we get closer to the heart of wedding season.

The first wedding tip is about your engagement photographs.  Yes, they are related to your wedding.

First, you really should think about having a professional create your engagement photographs.  The reason is the following tip.  The person you hire for your engagements photographs should also be the person you are hiring for your wedding.  Here's the reasons why.

1) You will have an opportunity to start a rapport with the person that is going to be working along side you to make your wedding day great.  Use this chance to get acquainted and make your wedding day that much better.

2) You may find you don't really get along with the photographer and have time to do something about it.  This means, of course, you want to find a photographer that understands you want to do the engagement session as a way of testing the waters.  Many photographers include an engagement session in their wedding packages.  If this is the case, ask them if they will credit this back if you decide to book your wedding with them.  With all this in mind, you'll want to schedule engagement photographs early.

3) Many products can be customized for the telling of your love story from the engagement through the wedding instead of just the wedding.  More options is good.

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